Healthy Eating and Sugar Sweetened Beverages

The Healthy Eating and Sugar Sweetened Beverages manual is designed to help childcare practitioners or care providers make informed decisions about snack and meal planning and how avoid sugary drinks.  Below you will find the manual broken into the four main sections for easy use.

Use the games, guidelines, recipes, tips and tools in this manual to facilitate an active, healthy environment in your childcare centre.


These general “gold standard” guidelines, or your provincial or territorial regulations, should be used in your childcare centre for meal and snack planning and beverage selection.


This information will help you apply the guidelines in your centre. The manual includes resources, games, activities and recipes that you can use for planning each day. The following links will take you to the entire PDF of each section.  To view one page at a time of any of the Healthy Beginnings Practices pages, please visit the Practitioner One Pagers in the drop-down menu or the Recipes page.


This section provides some tips on changes to the physical environment that can prompt or reinforce healthy eating practices. Learn new ideas for promoting healthy eating practices in your centre.

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These resources will help you support the families of the children in your centre. Here you will find sample newsletters, games, tips and resources to provide to parents.

The information in this manual can help increase healthy eating and reduce the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages for children in your centre. This manual is meant to be flexible and provide inspiration for creating a healthy, active environment that meets the needs of the children in your centre.

Family eating together