Do you need some ideas for making a lunch or snacks for yourself and and kids today?  Here is a list of ideas to get you started!  These are the single pages from the Healthy Eating & Sugar Sweetened Beverages manual for easy viewing and the download of one recipe at the time.

Cooking together

Recipes have been selected for their appeal to children, price and availability of ingredients, use of common allergens and ease of preparation.

Recipes selected are also easily adapted. If there is an ingredient that is not available, substitutions can be found. See Substitutions for Unavailable Ingredients, for common substitutions.

Recipes are organized based on kitchen equipment required. There are basic , blender, stovetop and oven recipes. Servings are small for little stomachs, but remember, let children determine their fullness.  Use foods and ingredients that are local and available in your community.



Stove Top:



Other helpful pages:

Substitutions for Unavailable Ingredients

Swapping Ingredients

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